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Spousal Maintenance And Your Post-Marriage Finances

During your marriage, you and your spouse likely relied on a shared pool of financial resources. As you enter a divorce, however, you may feel uncertain about your future economic security. In particular, if your spouse was the primary earner in your marriage, you may have valid concerns about how you will be able to support yourself going forward.

Spousal maintenance affords you the ability to preserve your lifestyle after a divorce. The Law Office of Kevin H. Saville, P.C., routinely advises clients in the Chicago area as they seek a fair and comprehensive alimony arrangement. Attorney Saville can also aid you in making spousal maintenance modifications, should your financial situation change.

Maintenance Allows You To Protect Your Future

Illinois state law looks at several factors when calculating whether maintenance is necessary and the appropriate amount/duration. The length of your marriage, your standard of living and potential earning capacity of each spouse are a few. Provided that you are on amicable enough terms with your spouse, you may find it more cost-effective to negotiate your spousal maintenance agreement outside of the courtroom.

Other facets of maintenance to consider include:

  • It can be short term or long term. In some cases, alimony will only provide a temporary bridge while a spouse gains necessary employment skills. In other situations, longer-term arrangements are made.
  • It can be modified. If you or your spouse experience changes to your financial stability, it is possible to modify your spousal maintenance arrangement.

Maintenance can be a complex, contentious topic during a divorce. For this reason, it is helpful to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer. With effective legal counsel, you can help ensure that your arrangement is adequate for your needs.

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